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The Hong Kong Association of the Deaf (HKAD) was established in 1976 by a group of deaf volunteers. HKAD is the largest and oldest non-profit social service organization managed by deaf people in Hong Kong. It provides comprehensive social welfare, medical and educational services to the deaf, hard of hearing, their families, and other disabled persons. HKAD is also the representative of Hong Kong in the World Federation of the Deaf and attends various local and international conferences.


(1) Connect the deaf community and promote mutual assistance among the deaf;

(2) Assist the deaf in realizing their potential;

(3) Advocate for the reasonable rights and interests of the deaf and construct an equal and inclusive society;

(4) Promote sign language popularization and encourage social people to learn sign language;

(5) Promote the development of deaf culture, art and sports;

(6) Provide comprehensive social welfare, medical and educational services to the deaf, caregivers and other disabled persons.


(1) We believe that sign language is the mother language of the deaf, and different sign languages are rooted in different countries, regions and communities’ cultures, historical development, customs and traditions, and naturally develop their unique differences.

(2) We believe that deaf people in every country or region have complete autonomy to change their community, place or country’s sign language in response to social and cultural development. Sign language should also become the official recognized language of every region and country.

(3) We believe that deaf people in different communities or countries have their unique culture and deaf identity, and their identity and culture should be respected and valued by everyone.

(4) We believe that sign language-based education for deaf children and children with hearing impairments is very important for their overall development (physical, intellectual, personality and language).

Contact Us

Integrated Service Center and Kowloon Office address:

No. 109&111-118, G/F, Chi Mei House, Choi Hung Estate Wong Tai Sin KLN

Email: info@hongkongdeaf.org.hk 

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